Part Time Jobs

Part Time Jobs-Online Part Time Jobs

In this page we can discuss few part time online jobs those are lucrative and a great deal for part time job seekers.



Selling on eBay and Amazon is one of the good part time jobs.  You can buy products from wholesalers and distributors and sell it on Amazon or eBay for a profit.

Learn 10 steps to sell on EBay or Amazon

1.Decide what you want to sell: Decide the product you want to sell. You may sell cosmetics, house hold items, sports products, nutrition products, electronics or whatever you love to sell. Keep the profit margin and demand in mind and choose the products to sell online.

2.Decide the investment:  You may plan how much you want to invest in this part time job. Once you plan your investment, accordingly you can proceed to next steps.

3.Open a PayPal account: PayPal is an online payment gateway and widely used for buying and selling online. You need to open an account with PayPal in order to receive payments from your customer. You can open a PayPal account for free.

4.Buy office material: You need to buy a printer, computer and other stationeries in order to start your part time jobs with eBay and Amazon.

5.Buy packing materials: You need to buy boxes, tapes and pins and other packing materials for packing and despatching the items. According to the size and weight of the products, you may buy your own packing material or buy it from eBay or Amazon.

  1. Collect images of the products: Products with good and more images are sold more than regular listing. Therefore collect clear images or your products from the dealer or take photographs yourself.
  2. Find a courier/shipping company: Find a reliable courier/shipping company such as bluedart, dhl or a cheaper one near you and make a contract for good price for shipments.

8.Join Ebay or Amazon: as per your choice, join any one of the online shopping site. They may charge a little fee for each transaction. Mostly initial listing is free and joining is free too.

9.List your products: Now, you can list your products in the market place. Write a clear description with color, quantity, features, refund details, shipping details, customer care option and contact email or numbers.

  1. Promote your products: After listing do not sleep on that, Promote them through social media and other online marketing methods. This is one of the good part time jobs online for making a real income.




Paid online survey comes in second place in part time jobs list. If you do not have enough experience of do not want to invest in selling online, this is the right choice for you.

Taking simple online surveys can be lucrative and considered one of the best part time jobs. Big companies are ready to pay for sharing your opinion about their products.  This will be useful for developing a better product. You get paid for your job and they collect information from customers and public like you. This is a win win situation for online survey companies as well as you.

If you put efforts and spend your spare time, you can make some $200 to $2000 a month taking easy online paid surveys.  Join the best paying survey site here.

  1. Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is one of the great part time jobs that have helped many become a millionaire online. In this, you do not need to invest in creating products and simply by selling other people’s product for a commission. If you know how to drive visitors and traffic to your affiliate links you can make huge income with these kinds of part time jobs. Many vendors offer 50% to 90% commission for their affiliates. If the selling price is $50 you get $25 per sale to $40 per sale. There are many products that are high priced to $200 to $500. Making $400 in a single affiliate sale is possible with these kinds of part time jobs.,,, are few well known affiliate market places. Web hosting affiliates, ecommerce affiliates and medicine affiliates are the ones who earn lot of many too.

  1. Content Writing Jobs


SEO content writing or blog content, website content writing is another great part time job. If you can write well researched content on various topics, your skill is in great demand. Many content writers and sales pitch writers make $500 to $5000 per writing. This is something equal to the salary of a big company executive. In this job, you have full freedom and lucrative income too. You can decide your own hours and network with project managers that are looking for content for their clients online.