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15 Online Jobs From Home-Easy Ways to Make Money


Online Surveys

Do you have spare time? Are you interested in making some extra cash through online jobs? Online surveys can be rewarding and lucrative. Irrespective of age and location anyone can earn cash taking simple online paid surveys. You do not need to have any experience or extra skills to take online surveys. All you need is computer, laptop or tablet with internet connection. Big market research companies will send surveys through email and pay well for sharing your valuable opinion about their products. This helps them improve their products and know about competitors. Online survey jobs can be the best of all online jobs. You can make $5 to $75 per survey and this would reach up to $2000 per month.


Paid online surveys

Survey Head


Data Typing Jobs


Data Typing jobs or data entry transcription are easy and simple online typing jobs that can make your earn some decent income working from your home. Many big companies outsource people to work from their home and type data into online forms. Having an office and keeping staff can be expensive and to avoid this cost, many big companies hire data typing executive that can type for them. They pay 420 to $50 per hour for data typists.

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Social Media Jobs


Social media sites like facebook, twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn are used widely by people around the world. Many companies market their websites and products on social media. Social media manager jobs are very famous these days for many that stick around social media sites and active on social media. Creating social media pages, entertaining audience and promoting various blogs, websites and online shopping sites are as simple as chat with a friend. These kinds of simple online jobs can help you make $1500 per month or more. Social media job

Ad posting Jobs


Many online businesses need exposure for their website and products. Classified website ads and local business listing is very important for them. This job is time consuming, therefore millions of companies worldwide look for ad posters to post simple ads in classified website. This job can be done from your job. You will be paid well for posting simple online ads. Many youngsters do this online job and earn good cash working from home. Search Google for the list of classified sites and become a member of those sites (at least 30 to 50 top sites) for free then you can start your own ad posting jobs and make money from home. Ad posting job application

Email Sending Jobs


This is one of good the online jobs for teenagers and young internet savvy youths. Many big online companies have many digitally downloadable products, memberships and services to promote. These companies are constantly looking for online email sending workers to send emails and answer them. They pay well for such email sending jobs.  You can make $20 to $50 per email processed and sent. This is an awesome online job for anyone who needs some extra income. Email sending jobs

Article Writing Jobs


As you know very well, there are millions of websites and blogs in every country. All these websites and blogs need regular articles for their readers. Writing is not possible for everyone. Writing is time consuming and need lot of research and dedication to write good articles.  There is huge demand for article writers.  You can make $5 to $25 for just 500 words articles. Travel writers, story writers, sale page writers, medical writers and legal writers are well paid more than normal writers. You can find article writer jobs in websites like

Micro Jobs


Micro Jobs is some kind of online jobs that have no limit of earning. It is good for starters and youngster to make some extra cash online. There are plenty of micro jobs sites where you can do anything you know, any talent you have, and any skill you have and earn money working at home. You make money selling your talents in such micro job sites.

Affiliate Marketing Jobs


Affiliate marketing is very lucrative and highly rewarding for youngsters. All big companies need affiliates to promote their products. They pay well for their affiliates when they bring customers to their websites. You will be provided with an affiliate link to promote, whenever someone clicks your link and buy something, it will be tracked and credited to your affiliate account. $25 to $100 per affiliate sale is normal pay. Many people have become a millionaire promoting others products. Good news is that every affiliate program is free to join. Hosting affiliate programs, clickbank digital affiliate programs, cj affiliate program, medicine and food nutrition affiliate programs are great online jobs to make money from home.

Blog Writer Jobs


Blogs are regularly updated websites with news and content of various interests like cooking, cosmetics, medical advice, marketing, business, seo, baby care, working woman, style, fashion, travel, education, politics, fitness and many more. These blogs need content for their readers regularly and they need lot of quality writers to write for them on various subjects. Blog writer jobs can be a good way to make money working from home. You can find blog writer jobs in freelance websites.

Online Teaching Jobs or Tutor Jobs Online


Online teaching jobs or tutor jobs are great online jobs to make money working from home. Every subject can be taught online and there is huge demand for online teacher and tutors. Computer, Internet and subject skill is enough to teach students online around the world and make money from home. You can get more details about online teaching jobs in our special page here.


White Board Animation Jobs


Many people do not have time to go through websites and read all the content. Therefore every big company is making explainer videos to explain about their products, business or services. These animated videos are really good to watch and understand and they convey their message to customers very easily. Many companies search for white board animation creators. This is one of the highly paid Online Jobs. A simple 5 minutes video is created for $100 to $500. If you develop white board animation skills, you can make thousands of dollars every week. As you are thinking now, this is not a tough job and do not need any technical skill. All you need is to buy some plug and play software and create videos in minutes make money from home online, really its huge income I swear.

Link Building Jobs


Search engine optimization is an important part of every website and blog. Websites need back links with anchor text in order to rank high on Google. Every website that needs to be ranked high on Google keeps on building back links from other websites like article sites, forums, blogs, directories, social book marking sites, web.2  properties, press release sites and wiki sites. This is tedious job and takes lot of time and effort. You can learn how to build links for websites and earn money money  using those methods and build link for others.

Blog Commenting Jobs


As we explained above, link building is a crucial part of search engine optimization. Leaving good comments on blogs can give nice back links for websites.  Every blog owner needs conversation with readers to keep then up for long time as a regular reader. Almost every blog have a leave a comment option at the end of every post. You can learn blog commenting on various blogging platforms like, wordpress, blogger, jhoomla etc.

Logo designing and website designing


Website designing and logo designing can be one of the nice online jobs. Many people and online companies look for custom design and logos for their business. If you know Photoshop and dream weaver software and learn how to design logos and websites, you can do these kinds of online jobs. They are ready to pay well for freelancers that create beautiful logos and web designs.  You can find such online Jobs in freelancing websites.

YouTube video creation


YouTube is the most watched online video channels website. People upload various videos and promote it to the world. People love to watch those videos and share it with friends and dear one. This brings a great opportunity to get visitors to websites and blogs. Many blog owners and website owners need video creators to create videos on the theme and idea or information they provide. This online job can be really fund to do and earn money  working from home.

Forum Posting Jobs


Forums are online communities that discuss on various topics of interest. Forum members start new topics every day and discuss many information and clear doubts about the certain issues and products. Forum posting brings lot of visitors to websites; therefore many businesses need a good forum poster for them to write and post interesting topics and answer to the members. Forum poster job can be rewarding and highly lucrative.

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