Online Jobs for College Students

Online Jobs for College Students

College students are creative, active and intelligent. There are many online jobs for college students. These online jobs are easy and simple to perform and get paid nicely. Students need money for their books, college fee, canteen fee and watching movies. If they work online and earn some extra bucks that could help them for their expenses.

Online Writer Jobs for College Students


With the proliferation of websites and blogs, there are plenty of online writer jobs available. There is a huge demand for writers in many languages. Native English writers can make a lucrative income writing articles on various topics. Many news websites accept guest writers that can write wonderful articles on various topic and day to day events and latest news. $5 to $40 is a normal pay for articles of 500 to 1500 words. College students can write 2 or 3 articles in their spare time earn $50 to $100 every single day if they have a passion for writing online. You can find large project works to write 100’s of articles for big companies. These kinds of projects can be taken from freelance websites and performed at home.


Social Media Marketing Jobs for Students


Social media sites like facebook, twitter, Google plus, Baidoo, LinkedIn are widely used by people worldwide for their networking with friends, relatives and business owners. Billions of users of social network sites are good prospects for many big companies. Every big company opens their own facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Google plus profile to promote their products and services on social medial platforms.  They need likes, shares and engaging activities from their followers every day in order to increase their popularity and search engine visibility. These companies are ready pay well for social media marketing manager jobs. These jobs are good online jobs for college students.

Social media jobs

Hosting Affiliate Programs for College Students


Website hosting, VPS server hosting and domain name sales is a hot business that brings millions of dollars every year. Many big hosting companies pay huge commission for people that bring new customers to them. Hostgator, bluehost, Big commerce are good web hosting companies that pay up to $150 per sale. It is very easy to earn some $1500 to $3000 even if you recommend 20 people through your affiliate link. Posting classifieds, owning a blog or websites, promoting through social media sites, writing articles, posting in forums can bring traffic and visitors to your hosting affiliate links.


Hostgator affiliate program – 200% commission-$75 to $200 per sale

Bigcommerce affiliate program-$75 to $150 per sale

Video Creation Jobs for College Students


YouTube and Vimeo have billions of viewers. People love to watch videos these days. Nobody wants to read big long content on websites and news sites. Watching video takes few minutes whereas reading articles and content takes long time and concentration. Therefore people love to watch videos online and gather information on various topics they are interested in.

Many big companies create promotion videos every day and night and upload in YouTube or Vimeo to attract customers and sales. Creating videos is a time consuming task and it need lot of dedication and creativity. Big companies pay well for students that create good videos, funny videos, product explaining videos, information videos and many other categories. $50 to $500 can be expected for a 5 minutes explaining video. These online jobs for college students are really rewarding and lucrative.